The Geek Manifesto

On its release in around June 2012, I signed up to a crowd-funded exercise to provide all MPs with a copy of The Geek Manifesto: Why Science Matters. It’s a well-written, inspiring read that I can thoroughly recommend to geeks who want to take a bigger part in democracy. At the time, my MP was Don Foster, now Lord Foster of Bath, so I guess I’ll check to make sure that Wera Hobhouse, his replacement, has a copy as well.

I’m currently re-reading the book (again), and this time round I’m going through highlights I made on previous reads. The first is this:

“If ministers decide to overrule expert advice, as they are entitled to do and often will, they should explain their reasons. When they choose to go with instincts that point one way, over evidence that points another, they should say so.”

I find it so hard to disagree with this that I am keen to see whether any MPs could bring themselves to reject it.

So for my own part, I’ll pass that question onto my own MP, and post any response here.

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